Ghitta Lejeune

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About the Author

Past Life

  • International fashion runway model.
  • Model agency owner and fashion and jewelry designer.
  • Entrepreneur of interior design business.
  • Shaw cable TV producer in Canada of youth talent show.
  • Developer of youth programs for self-esteem and life skills.
  • Lecturer for women’s fashion makeovers and workshops.
  • Public speaker of Christian women’s retreats and conventions.
  • Personal testimony speaker in Christian church outreaches.
  • Guest speaker on 100 Huntley Street, national TV.
  • Builder, owner, and operator with husband of God’s Mountain Crest Chalet.

Present Life

  • Wife, married for over forty-five years with the same lovable man.
  • Proud mother of two daughters and five loveable grandchildren.
  • Dedicated foster mother for over thirty-five years. (Caregiver for more than eighty teenagers during this time.)
  • A Christian writer and believer.
  • To reach out to everyone who wishes to learn new skills and to better their lives and relationships.
  • Retired senior over seventy.
  • Started a new project. Pioneer on an empty land, a 480-acre countryside with her visionary husband, creating and operating Almighty Summit Estate, a venue and concert lodge. Also, hosting guests and work volunteers from all around the world.


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